Chris was introduced to astrology in the middle of his Saturn return, while living on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Almost immediately, he attended a series of classes offered by Rob Hand, who was deep in translation work with Project Hindsight, bringing to light scores of techniques and philosophies that had been lost to western astrology.

At the conclusion of the class, Rob took Chris on as a private student for about two years, until Chris moved back to Boston. Shortly after that, Chris studied with Lee Lehman, PhD, as part of her Boston group, in which they pursued Natal Astrology, Horary Astrology, Mundane Astrology, Medical Astrology, and more.

In 1997, Chris was part of a faculty of five for the NCGR Conference on Classical Techniques in Hyannis, MA, along with Lee Lehman, Rob Hand, Robert Zoller, and Joseph Crane. In 1998, Chris was a speaker at the United Astrology Congress in Atlanta, GA, where he presented traditional astrology topics.

Since then, he has continued study with Robert Zoller, Lee Lehman, Christopher Warnock, and others. He has also been active as a presenter of traditional astrology at conferences and festivals throughout the USA.

Chris is a Master Astrologer in the Society of Astrologers, and maintains a practice as a consulting astrologer as well as teacher of astrology. He blogs daily about where the Moon and planets are and what they’re doing in the sky, as well as what you can see in the sky on many nights. He also blogs weekly about more in-depth astrological topics.

For 20 years, Chris was a Spanish professor at Boston College, before moving to Western Massachusetts. After teaching for a few more years, he and his wife bought a piece of property and started Constellation Homestead, where they raise their own poultry and laying hens, as well as much of their own produce.

You can find him online at lafond.us, and on Instagram (lafondastrology), Twitter (lafondastrology), and Facebook (lafondastrology), as well as on Youtube.

Chris is also an accomplished performer and teacher of Celtic Harp.

Chris’s Approach to Astrology

In the 20th century, astrology became very centered on Jungian psychological interpretation. This focused mostly on the inner, subjective experiences of the client.

But toward the end of the century, a number of linguistically skilled astrologers began to recover much of what had been lost of the tradition since about the year 1700. Until then, natal (birth chart) astrology took a more external approach (as well as internal), understanding that the chart represents not only the individual, but the physical world around them. This is what allows for prediction and forecasting of what lies ahead for a person.

The parts of the chart that represent the individual have much to say about a person psychologically, but that is not their primary approach.

From the very beginning of Chris’s studies, he was lucky to have studied with some of the leaders of this traditional revival. His approach represents this longer tradition of prediction as well as psychological understanding.