Astrological Almanac for Monday, September 27, 2021

(All times Eastern) Mercury went retrograde early this morning, promising some delays, false starts, and reversals of plans, sales, and negotiations in the next few weeks. On top of this, the Moon squares Neptune much of the day, increasing the lack of clarity and upping the non-rational quotient. Luna connects with Jupiter this evening in a nice way, so the evening is a great time to chill out and not worry about details. Engage in a little fantasy. After midnight the Moon connects with the same Mercury retrograde, so stay away from having to deal with details, if possible. #dailystars Read more…

Lunar Mansion 7

(All times Eastern) On September 27 at 7:28 am the Moon enters Mansion 7 (Al-Dhira “The Forearm”), from 17º Gemini 8′ to 0º Cancer. According to the medieval grimoire Picatrix: Associated image for magic/meditation: a robed man with his hands extended as if praying Beneficial actions: increase sales and merchandise, traveling safely, increasing crops, sailing safely, causing friendship, expelling flies, gaining promotions

Astrological Almanac for Sunday, September 26, 2021

(All times Eastern) Extending and intensifying the Mars-Saturn trine that’s still very close, the Moon moves into the third Air sign and trines them both. So the Moon is at 7 Gemini, while Mars is at 7 Libra and Saturn at 7 Aquarius. This is normally a great configuration for getting things accomplished and planning. But though they’re in the more mental Air signs, we might do better to focus on physical accomplishments now, since Mercury turns retrograde at 1:10 am tomorrow. For the next three weeks, Mercury appears to move backward through Libra until about the 18th of October Read more…

Lunar Mansion 6

(All times Eastern) On September 26 at 5:18 am the Moon enters Mansion 6 (Al-Hana “A Mark”), from 4º Gemini 17′ to 17º Gemini 8′. According to the medieval grimoire Picatrix: Associated image for magic/meditation: two people embracing Beneficial actions: destroying cities and besieging them, exacting vengeance on superiors, destroying crops, causing friendship between two people, hunting, destroying medicine

Lunar Mansion 5

(All times Eastern) On September 25 at 3:15 am the Moon enters Mansion 5 (Al-Haqa “The White Spot”), from 21º Taurus 25′ to 4º Gemini 17′. According to the medieval grimoire Picatrix: Associated image for magic/meditation: a head with no body Beneficial actions: learning arts, traveling safely by water, creating good feelings among spouses, improving buildings, asking for a raise or promotion

Astrological Almanac for Saturday, September 25, 2021

(All times Eastern) The Mars-Saturn trine today is a good time to focus and control your energies toward beginning or completing work on something solid. Saturn is far more dignified than Mars now, so the structure and boundaries side of this are more easily accessible than the energetic side. Nevertheless, even a small amount of effort aimed at a well planned project is likely to pay off nicely now. The Moon starts the day connecting with Jupiter and then Pluto in ways that encourage us to release and let go; but be careful that the gestures associated with letting go Read more…

Lunar Mansion 4

(All times Eastern) On September 24 at 1:32 am the Moon enters Mansion 4 (Al-Dabaran “The Follower”), from 8º Taurus 34′ to 21º Taurus 25′. According to the medieval grimoire Picatrix: Associated image for magic/meditation: a man, armed, riding a horse and holding a snake Beneficial actions: destroying buildings or cities, causing problems between spouses, destroying fountains and streams, killing/binding venomous animals such as reptiles

Astrological Almanac for Friday, September 24, 2021

(All times Eastern) Tomorrow, Mars and Saturn perfect (make exact) their trine, and the effects are already underway. This is a good time overall for discipline, patience, and endurance; and getting things done. However, it’s a bit of a contrary backdrop to what the Moon is doing today. Luckily, these sets of aspects are in quite different signs and degrees, so it’s not terribly likely that they will affect the same people too strongly. For those with planets and sensitive points in the first ten degrees of Air signs (Libra, Aquarius, and to a lesser extent Gemini), the constructive energies Read more…

Lunar Mansion 3

(All times Eastern) On September 23 at 12:15 am the Moon enters Mansion 3 (Al-Thuraiya “The Many Little Ones”), from 25º Aries 42′ to 8º Taurus 34′. According to the medieval grimoire Picatrix: Associated image for magic/meditation: a woman sitting, with her right hand over her head Beneficial actions: traveling safely by water, incarcerating captives securely, completing projects that involve fire, hunting, causing love between spouses

Astrological Almanac for Thursday, September 23, 2021

(All times Eastern) The Moon relaxes into Taurus at 8:38 this morning, after a few exciting days. She sails on through unaspected for most of the day. Tonight, she’ll square Saturn, which may inspire feelings of isolation and possible questions about self-worth. But the signs involved (Taurus-Aquarius) are not ones where this is the harshest of combinations, so don’t feel too overwhelmed – it will soon pass. #dailystars #dailyastro #astrology #wheresthemoon