Astrological Almanac for Monday, August 2, 2021

(All times Eastern) The Moon finds conflict with Mars this morning, potentially making the first part of the day one with some minor arguments and disagreements. Both are in Mutable signs, and Mars is out of stubborn Leo, so this is likely to be less intense than in previous months, and probably will focus on practical matters. Later today, Luna applies to a nice trine with Saturn, exact after midnight. This is a beneficial time to make plans and break through some barriers. Before dawn tomorrow, Venus trines Uranus, exciting our passions for the next few days, and inspiring us Read more…

Astrological Context, Week of August 2-August 8

(All times Eastern) This week includes a Mercury square to Uranus on Tuesday which will make the first half of the week a time when we may have wild inspirations and crazy ideas, but ones which may be hard to manifest. If things don’t work out right away, write them down for later consideration. You may also find others arguing with you about ideas and ways of understanding. This theme continues somewhat as the Sun (which was just conjunct Mercury) moves into the exact square also with Uranus by Friday. There is a shift to include issues of honor and Read more…

Lunar Mansion 6

(All times Eastern) On August 2 at 1:28 pm the Moon enters Mansion 6 (Al-Hana “A Mark”), from 4º Gemini 17′ to 17º Gemini 8′. According to the medieval grimoire Picatrix: Associated image for magic/meditation: two people embracing Beneficial actions: destroying cities and besieging them, exacting vengeance on superiors, destroying crops, causing friendship between two people, hunting, destroying medicine

Lunar Mansion 5

(All times Eastern) On August 1 at 11:19 am the Moon enters Mansion 5 (Al-Haqa “The White Spot”), from 21º Taurus 25′ to 4º Gemini 17′. According to the medieval grimoire Picatrix: Associated image for magic/meditation: a head with no body Beneficial actions: learning arts, traveling safely by water, creating good feelings among spouses, improving buildings, asking for a raise or promotion

Astrological Almanac for Sunday, August 1, 2021

(All times Eastern) Mercury and the Sun conjoin today, offering a few hours of crystal-clear insight. As Mercury approached the Sun, and as it leaves, all Mercurial functions are “burned up” by being so close to the Sun. But when a planet stands within about a quarter of a degree of the Sun, our own star adds its energy to that planet like a super power. Today is one of those times from about 4:30 am until 3:00 pm. Today Saturn also opposes this Mercury-Sun conjunction, which may make those “super powers” far less than they would be otherwise. Saturn Read more…

Astrological Almanac for Saturday, July 31, 2021

(All times Eastern) The early morning Moon square to Mercury may add a note of fuzziness and confusion to start the day. The last quarter Moon arrives at 9:16, bringing some possible minor tension, especially around letting go. Luna goes on to square Saturn, amplifying the stress, as we encounter obstacles and delays. But by early afternoon, the Moon moves toward a nice flow with Venus in Earth signs, easing the tensions from the morning and encouraging peace and sociability. By evening, Luna joins Uranus, returning a bit of agitation to the mix as she encourages individuality and possible sudden Read more…

Lunar Mansion 4

(All times Eastern) On July 31 at 9:17 am the Moon enters Mansion 4 (Al-Dabaran “The Follower”), from 8º Taurus 34′ to 21º Taurus 25′. According to the medieval grimoire Picatrix: Associated image for magic/meditation: a man, armed, riding a horse and holding a snake Beneficial actions: destroying buildings or cities, causing problems between spouses, destroying fountains and streams, killing/binding venomous animals such as reptiles

Astrological Almanac for Friday, July 30, 2021

(All times Eastern) The Moon squares Pluto early this morning, so issues of abuse, injustice, power, etc., may factor strongly for the first half of the day. After noon, Luna flows nicely with Jupiter to bring a calmer, more balanced feel. At 4:08 pm, the Moon enters Taurus, hinting at a relaxed, low-key feel as the weekend comes on. She’ll contact Mars around the same time, but in a fairly positive way that helps to direct our energy efficiently. Weekly Context Post: #dailystars #dailyastro #astrology #wheresthemoon

Lunar Mansion 3

(All times Eastern) On July 30 at 7:36 am the Moon enters Mansion 3 (Al-Thuraiya “The Many Little Ones”), from 25º Aries 42′ to 8º Taurus 34′. According to the medieval grimoire Picatrix: Associated image for magic/meditation: a woman sitting, with her right hand over her head Beneficial actions: traveling safely by water, incarcerating captives securely, completing projects that involve fire, hunting, causing love between spouses

Lunar Mansion 2

(All times Eastern) On July 29 at 6:27 am the Moon enters Mansion 2 (Al-Butain “The Little Belly”), from 12º Aries 51′ to 25º Aries 42′. According to the medieval grimoire Picatrix: Associated image for magic/meditation: a crowned king Beneficial actions: reconciling and pacifying, dig for wells, find hidden treasure, planting wheat, turning one person against another, destroying buildings before they are finished, strengthening prisons