Current Eclipses Affecting Natal Charts

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I had a private question about how a Lunar Eclipse can affect one when it falls on the birthday. Here was my response:

Well, it’s happened to me (solar eclipse). It all depends on a number of things. But a few guidelines:

  • Eclipses are like shining a big spotlight onto an area of your life. They usually bring turmoil in that area. Lunar eclipses less so than Solar ones.
  • Eclipse effects are usually not felt on any given day, so don’t expect big things on your birthday. The effects often start a bit before the eclipse and last for about 6 months (lunar) or a year (solar).
  • The Solar Return is the chart for the exact moment that the Sun gets back to the degree in the zodiac where it was when you were born. This happens within a day of your birthday each year and the chart cast for that exact moment is a type of snapshot of the year to come. So any eclipse happening on your birthday will likely be part of your Solar Return chart, and “in effect” for the whole year (even a Lunar eclipse).
  • To determine which areas of life will be most affected, look to see what sign the eclipse is in. Wherever that sign is on your birth chart will indicate the area of life to look for effects. (E.g., first house, health & happiness; second house, money; etc.)
  • Since this is happening in the Solar Return chart, also look to the house in the Solar Return chart where the eclipse is happening; this area will also be affected in a major way.
  • Since the Moon is in Gemini for this eclipse, look to where Gemini falls in your birth chart and in the Solar Return chart.

This is not exhaustive, but give you an idea of how complex delineating any kind of astro-event.
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Christopher Warnock, Esq · 2012-11-27 at 14:01

Great post! I think the key insight is realizing that just because a particular astrological event is taking place, Mercury retrograde, void of Course Moon, eclipse, etc., that it does not affect every equally or even effect you at all, depending a number of factors, including your natal chart.

Christopher LaFond · 2012-11-27 at 14:05

Yes, Christopher. I understand that everyone wants to know "What does this mean for me." But that would mean re-setting the astrological event into each person's individual chart, which is a lot of work. If folks really want to know, they should pay a good astrologer (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) to do specific, personalized work for them.

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