Full Moon Solstice

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So for the record, the height of the Full Moon is on Tuesday at 3:13 am ET. This is a Full Moon eclipse at the end of Gemini.

Immediately upon reaching this point, the Moon goes “void of course.” This is an ancient term which simply means that from that moment until the Moon enters the next sign, it will make no classical aspects to any planet. That is, it will not conjunct, oppose, square, trine, or sextile any other planet. When the Moon is void, the traditional interpretation is that whatever is begun during that time will come to nothing. This is why, for those of you who follow my tweets (twitter/astroharp), you will see me usually encourage you not to begin any important projects during a Void of Course Moon.

(There are a few exceptions to this: the Moon is never void in Cancer or Taurus – the Moon’s own signs of rulership and exaltation – or in Sagittarius or Pisces – Jupiter’s signs.)

The Moon will enter Cancer just over an hour later at 4:22am ET. So if you are planning to do any Moon magic, you will need to complete it before 3:13 am, or wait until after 4:22. By then, however, the Moon will be waning. So if you have some powerful waning Moon magic to do, now would be the time. The Solstice occurs at 6:38pm ET, so that time from when the Moon enters Cancer through the rest of the afternoon is perfect for any sort of dark or releasing magic one is working. This would include binding, banishing, getting rid of bad habits, and so forth.

Again however, as I hinted in my previous two posts, I encourage you to essentially use the Full Moon eclipse and the Solstice as separate events, even though they occur very close together this year. The two energies may have the potential to charge up each other, creating a generally higher-energy time. However, because of the way that these fall, it would be difficult, if not impossible, to combine them into one sort of cosmic super-event. Work with the Moon’s energy, or work with the Sun’s (solstice), or work with them both separately. But don’t try to create a cosmic goulash or jambalaya of this. It may leave a bad taste in your mouth.

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Cassandra · 2010-12-20 at 21:18

Thank you for the time and energy you put into your blog posts. As a solitary practitioner, it is sometimes difficult to make sense of unusual circumstances. They are not covered in my basic material by Laurie Cabot and Scott Cunningham. I appreciate your guidance.

Chris LaFond · 2010-12-27 at 16:35

Happy to be of help. In addition to certain materials not being covered by moderns, a good deal of what is "covered" is modern invention, with no basis in traditional magic, so do be careful.

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