Jupiter and Saturn in Your Life 2021

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This year, Jupiter and Saturn conjoined in Aquarius. It’s a meeting that happens every 20 years, but rotating through signs. In another post, I wrote about what these conjunctions mean in general for world events and the direction that “things” might go.
But what does it mean for you this year? We’ll take some time now to look at where these two fall in your own chart and how it may affect your own life.

Saturn and Jupiter have recently entered Aquarius. While Saturn will be there for just over two years, Jupiter spends on average one year in each sign. In fact, from mid-May until the end of July, Jupiter will be in Pisces before going retrograde back into Aquarius, where he’ll be until the end of 2021.

The ancient Greek astrologers talked about two planets being in the same sign as being “co-present.” Even if they’re not conjunct, they are travelling through same sign. Jupiter’s apparent travel through the zodiac is faster than Saturn’s because it’s closer to the Sun. And he’s already ahead of Saturn in Aquarius. So their conjunction back at Winter Solstice 2020 will be the last time that they conjoin until 20 years from now when Jupiter gets all the way back around the zodiac (and then half way around again) and “catches up” to Saturn once more.

Jupiter and Saturn General Meanings

How these two planets being co-present in Aquarius will affect you personally will depend for the most part on where Aquarius is in your own birth chart. If you don’t already have a copy of your chart, you can generate one online at one of these links, as long as you know the time of day and location (as well as the date, obviously).



Jupiter is known as the Greater Benefic (Latin for “do-gooder”). He generally is associated with good luck, abundance, peace, healing, and general well-being. He does pretty well in Aquarius, as he does in all Air signs. That means that the sign Aquarius won’t inhibit his operating the way he wants to operate.

Saturn is known as the Greater Malefic (Latin for “bad boy”). He usually represents things along the lines of delay, denial, and destruction. He imposes limits and sometimes walls and barriers. He’s also an indicator of hard work, and in Aquarius, one of his home signs (in fact, it’s his preferred one), he’s prone to indicate that things will work out if you put in the (hard) work. Aquarius is the sign where he is least heavy-handed and comes closest in some circumstances to even being a bit benefic.

While Jupiter and Saturn traditionally are seen as having some very opposite qualities, that doesn’t mean that when they’re together, they just cancel each other out. The sometimes work together, bringing two different sets of tools to the same situation. Or they may bring two different viewpoints that are both helpful. I’m reminded of some of the famous comedy duos who were very representative of Saturn-Jupiter pairings: Abbot (Saturn) and Costello (Jupiter); Laurel (Jupiter) and Hardy (Saturn).

Another way to think of how they might work together is to imagine that you’re playing a video game. In one possible scenario, you’ve just entered the room occupied by a powerful boss whose job it is to prevent you from passing (Saturn), but just as you enter, you find a secret cache of magical and practical tools that will help you get through.

In another scenario, you’ve stored up an abundant collection (Jupiter) of weapons and tools, but you can only use them in very limited circumstances (Saturn). At the same time, you learn some lessons about dealing with adversity along the way (Saturn).

You may note a pattern as you go through the rest of this post. Saturn will present some small or large challenges, and Jupiter will help you out of it, or at least give you some tools and opportunities to work your way out. In addition to Jupiter’s benefic nature all by itself, from May-July, and then again in 2022, he will be in Pisces, one of his own signs, where he’s really well placed to help out with some positive vibes.

Saturn and Jupiter through your Houses

In order to get a sense of what this combination in Aquarius means for you this year, you’ll need to look at your chart with an eye toward the Houses. These are the 12 divisions of the chart that have to do with topics in your life. The ancient Greeks called these the 12 “places,” which in Greek is “topoi”, and is where we get the word “topic” as an area of interest or meaning. These “places” are now called Houses in modern astrology, and are one way of dividing up the chart in order to know where the influences of any given planet and/or sign will be most active for you.

As an aside, these 12 Houses symbolically divide the space around the earth and are not the same as the 12 Signs of the Zodiac, which divide up the skies. However, because we superimpose the signs onto the houses in an astrology chart (which is a major way of extracting meaning from a chart), there can be a coincidental identification of the two in a chart.

In the breakdown that follows, I will cover some of the most important meanings of each house, but these are not exhaustive. This particular look will also not be taking into account all the other things that might be affecting your chart this year (planetary periods, solar returns, profections, transits, eclipses, etc.), nor can it take into account how this all fits in with what the world and the country are going through right now.

This presentation also uses “Whole Sign Houses” for topics. That is, even though Houses and Signs are not the same, the house system I use assumes that all of the sign on the eastern horizon covers the first house. All of the next sign covers the second house, etc. There are other house systems, which I won’t get into here.

First House

Aquarius Rising / 1st House

If you’ve seen your chart, you probably know that the Rising Sign (aka Ascendant) is what defines the First House of the chart, and sets all the others in motion and proper order. This house has to do with your physical body, health, and general happiness. The ancients knew that health and happiness are connected. It’s hard to be happy if you’re always in pain.

If you have Aquarius rising, then the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction will likely fall in your first house. This could bring about a focus on physical health. Saturn often indicates some sort of problem or obstacle. He often has to do with the physical structures of our bodies, such as bones, teeth, and skin. Aquarius is connected to the lower legs and ankles, as well as the circulation system.

Given that Saturn is dignified in Aquarius, he may not cause too much of a problem. And Jupiter is sure to help out. It’s a good year to get your physical health more in line with what you’d like it to be (if it’s not already). It will take work, but the rewards are promising.

Second House

Capricorn Rising, Aquarius on 2nd House

If you have Capricorn Rising, then Aquarius is on your Second House, which is about money and movable resources. So not so much investments, but money that comes from a job or liquid assets.

Saturn here may make you “work hard for the money” this year. And he may impose some sort of blocks or obstacles. You might have more expenses than expected or than usual. But Jupiter is here to help out, especially when it comes to making good financial decisions this year.

Jupiter and Saturn together are often seen paired when it comes to long-term financial decisions. So this could be a year for filtering some of your spending money (limiting your cash flow) into longer term investments.

Third House

Sagittarius Rising, Aquarius on 3rd House

The third house tells us about our siblings, neighbors, local community, and extended family. If you have Sagittarius Rising, the 3rd-House placement of these two planets this year may bring up some family issues, specifically with siblings and “lateral” relationships. That is, not specifically parents, elders, and ancestors, but rather with cousins and those who are at least marginally of the same generation you are.

These people could experience some of the things that I mention above for the first house. (Essentially, this is a new “first house” for the people represented by the third house. It’s a really amazing way that astrology works.) So one or more of your sisters, brothers, neighbors, cousins, etc., may be dealing with health and happiness issues (including depression). It’s also possible that you may meet more family (Jupiter expands it) that you had never met before.

Fourth House

Scorpio Rising, Aquarius on 4th House

Scorpio Rising folks will have Aquarius on their 4th house. This house represents our family of origin, our parents and older family, our current home, land, and real estate.

Once again, these people in your life could be passing through some health issues this year, though with Jupiter there, there’s a sense of protection or good luck around that.

It may also be a year when you need to spend more money or attention on your home and/or family. Whether it’s money needed for home repair/improvement, or whether it’s time you need to invest in your family, this may seem like a burden (Saturn) right now, but ultimately, it’s a good investment (Jupiter). There’s also the chance that you might buy or sell real estate.

Fifth House

Libra Rising, Aquarius on 5th House

The fifth house, traditionally known as the “place of good fortune,” covers children (our own or those around us), entertainment, fun, dating, creativity, art, etc. With Libra Rising, these Aquarius planets may bring added stress related to children. This could be in the area of expending more resources on kids, especially if there is also a 2nd house connection at the same time.

It could also be focused on kids getting into trouble or having a hard time, or just being burdensome in some way. Jupiter, as usual, will provide some possible sources of relief in this area, and offers a real potential for happiness and abundance here, as well.

For artists, musicians, and other creative types, some Saturn-imposed restrictions may have you looking at newer ways to be creative. This combo may also see you getting involved in a long-term (Saturn) project that promises a great outcome, especially once Jupiter goes into Pisces (either this May-July, or all of 2022).

Sixth House

Virgo Rising, Aquarius on 6th House

Sixth house topics include potential illness, employees and folks who work for us (aside from independent contractors), and small pets (small enough that you can’t ride on them). If you have Virgo Rising, these two outer planets will be transiting your 6th house, and you may experience some health issues, not unlike the ones mentioned above in the first house. But here, they are slightly more likely to be troublesome. Watch for symptoms having to do with bones, skin, and teeth, and if you have any concerns at all, consult your professional medical providers.

Likewise, keep an eye on your pets’ health. They might need you more than usual this year.

It’s also possible that daily work will just be a main focus this year.

Seventh House

Leo Rising, Aquarius on 7th House

Being opposite the first house (“me”), the 7th house shows us the “others” in our world. These are your spouse, your business partner(s), folks that you contract with (either to receive or provide services), those you face off with in legal suits, etc. If you have Leo Rising, Jupiter-Saturn will fall into this house.

As with other houses that represent people in our lives, this placement may mean that your spouse or partner experiences some health-related issues this year. See the First House above for possible manifestations. It may also simply bring about a year of frustrations and hurdles for your partner to leap. Jupiter should give them a bit of “height” as they jump over those obstacles. But remember that although this is primarily affecting the “other,” you will likely be affected in your capacity as a “supporting actor” here.

At the same time, like in the second house, this combination in your house of partnership could indicate a good long-term possibility.

Eighth House

Cancer Rising, Aquarius on 8th House

The primary areas of life covered by the 8th are death, inheritance, debt, joint resources (just as the 2nd house is your money, the 2nd house from the 7th is your partner’s money). If you have Cancer Rising, there will be a focus here now.

If you have debt, this might be the year that you work hard to pay it off. You might actually take on more debt, but this year it’s likely to be “good” debt, that will be worth it in the long run, such as a mortgage, home improvement loan, student loan, or other targeted borrowing.

Death could be a significant theme for you this year. People you know may pass, though given Saturn’s good condition and the presence of Jupiter here, it’s likely that this won’t be as bad or as heavy an experience as it could be.

Ninth House

Gemini Rising, Aquarius on 9th House

This house was traditionally known as the “place of the god.” It’s usually associated with religion or spirituality. It’s also connected to higher education, publishing, and long-distance/foreign travel.

So if you have Gemini Rising, and Jupiter and Saturn in the 9th this year, you may be expanding your mental, spiritual, and even physical horizons this year by exploring any or all of these areas. You may have the opportunity to travel, study, or engage in a new or deeper spiritual practice.

Once the pandemic restrictions recede, you may have the chance to travel to a foreign place, or even from home, to work with people from foreign lands (via Zoom or similar).

It’s a good year to begin or conclude a field of study, whether you do it through an institution or on your own.

Tenth House

Taurus Rising, Aquarius on 10th House

The 10th house is the highest point in the chart. That makes it the most “public” house, since it can be “seen” by others. Because it represents how others see us, it shows us reputation or community standing. It’s also connected to the related area of career, or what you’re best known for. So it need not be about your “job,” if what you are known for is not connected to your “work that pays the bills.”

As Jupiter and Saturn pass through this house for those of you with Taurus Rising, you may go through a major, or minor, change in career, or simply what your major focus is in life. As with the other houses, this indicates a lot of hard work (Saturn) that holds the promise of paying off (Jupiter) in the future. Chances are good that you will be more “in the spotlight” than usual.

Eleventh House

Aries Rising, Aquarius on 11th House

Originally, the 11th house was known as the “place of the good spirit.” It has always been considered a place of good luck, of hopes and wishes.

The 11th is connected to friends, though usually in the form of groups or organizations that you associate with, rather than the one-on-one relationships of a best friend (which might by more 7th house).

Jupiter is said to “joy” in this house; that is, he’s really at home here, showing that those with Aries Rising might be in for some good luck this year. Of course, Saturn is also here, but in good shape. So with some hard work and elbow grease, you could “go places” if this is your year ahead.

Twelfth House

Those with Pisces Rising will see Aquarius on their 12th house. This house represents isolation, imprisonment, hidden enemies, self undoing, and so forth. The presence of Saturn and Jupiter here by themselves won’t trigger all of these negative things. But isolation can be turned now into a tool. If you find yourself here this year, you might be able to re-tool being alone into valuable time with yourself.

If this restricts or limits you in some other way, the fact that Jupiter is also here signals that there is a light at the end of that tunnel. And as we go into 2022, Jupiter will go into Pisces for the year, which is your first house. So having to be alone now may pay off big in the new year.

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