Retrograde & Direct Almanac 2022

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For those keeping score at home, here is a list of the retrograde and direct cycles for all the planets for the 2022 calendar year. I won’t be commenting or delineating them individually here, just listing them for your reference.

However, keep in mind that the retrograde period of a planet is a chance for that planet to go back over what they have previously left undone. So for example, when Mercury turns retrograde, they will go back over the degrees they just covered, and whatever Mercury issues were left undone will come up again, waiting to be finished off; or perhaps Mercury will let you know that certain issues that you think were completed actually need more attention, or maybe even need to be redone. So don’t look at these periods with trepidation; instead, think of them as an opportunity to review your work or relationships, and to take one more go round on whatever is still pending, or whatever doesn’t seem “right,” even if you “finished” it.


  • For quicker-moving planets like Mercury and Venus, the slowing down of the planet leading up to the retrograde period, as well as the slow beginnings of moving direct again, should be taken into account. In other words, though the planets appear to move forward and backward against the background of the zodiac, they do not stop and “turn around” on “a dime,” as the saying goes. It’s all process.
  • The Sun and the Moon do not go retrograde.
  • Slower moving, outer planets normally spend up to half their time retrograde, so it’s not an unusual state of affairs. Since Jupiter and Saturn also function as sign rulers, and they spend respectively 4 and 5-ish months retrograde every year, those with heavy Sagittarius, Pisces, Capricorn, and Aquarius placements are going to feel the challenges with moving forward. But Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto each spend more than 5 months retrograde every year, and while they will have some effects, they will not be as noticeable, given that they traditionally do not rule signs.

All times listed are Eastern (adjusted for Standard or Daylight time) and given in 24-hour format.

MercuryJanuary 13, 19:27February 3, 13:11
MercuryMay 9, 21:38June 2, 19:13
MercurySeptember 9, 13:04October 1, 18:30
MercuryDecember 28, 17:17January 17, 2023, 21:59
VenusDecember 18, 2021January 28, 19:08
MarsOctober 30, 00:27January 12, 2023, 10:38
JupiterJuly 28, 09:05November 23, 13:31
SaturnJune 4, 11:13October 22, 20:21
UranusAugust 24, 03:30January 22, 2023, 13:54
NeptuneJune 27, 21:33December 3, 14:16
PlutoApril 29, 09:07October 8, 14:57
Planetary Retrogrades 2022

Here is the same chart again, with the degrees where the planets station (change direction) each time, for those who like more information.

PlanetRetrogradeStation degreeDirectStation degree
MercuryJanuary 13, 19:2710 AquariusFebruary 3, 13:1124 Capricorn
MercuryMay 9, 21:384 GeminiJune 2, 19:1326 Taurus
MercurySeptember 9, 13:048 LibraOctober 1, 18:3024 Virgo
MercuryDecember 28, 17:1724 CapricornJan 17, 2023, 21:598 Capricorn
VenusDecember 18, 202126 CapricornJanuary 28, 19:0811 Capricorn
MarsOctober 30, 00:2725 GeminiJan 12, 2023, 10:388 Gemini
JupiterJuly 28, 09:058 AriesNovember 23, 13:3128 Pisces
SaturnJune 4, 11:1325 AquariusOctober 22, 20:2118 Aquarius
UranusAugust 24, 03:3018 TaurusJan 22, 2023, 13:5414 Taurus
NeptuneJune 27, 21:3325 PiscesDecember 3, 14:1622 Pisces
PlutoApril 29, 09:0728 CapricornOctober 8, 14:5726 Capricorn
Planetary Retrogrades 2022, with degrees
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