The Conviction of Donald Trump in Transits

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For the first time in history, a former US president has been convicted of a felony. Does astrology have anything to say about this? Of course it does. Let’s look at some of the transits occurring at the time. (Note: there is other stuff going on astrologically, but we’ll stick to transits for this post.)

If we look at Trump’s natal chart with the current transits around it (i.e., where the planets are now compared to when he was born), we can see a couple of significant contacts.

This is Trump’s birth chart (14 June 1946, 10:54am EDT, Queens NY). Around it is where the planets were on May 30 just after 5:00pm, when the convictions were announced by the jury.


The most obvious thing is that Uranus is exactly conjunct Trump’s MC (highlighted with the purple ellipse). The MC (Medium Coeli, “midheaven” or “middle of the sky”) is the highest point in the sky at the location where the chart is cast. It, along with the 10th house (where it most often falls in a chart) tell us about the native’s career, reputation, public standing, direction in life, profession, and those types of things. Uranus is a planet that brings upset, reversals, revolution, revolt, accidents, surprises, and so forth. So Uranus’s transit to Trump’s MC would bring him a huge surprise. Uranus travels slowly through the zodiac, so it’s been in his 10th house for a while. But it moved into the exact degree of his midheaven just before the jury began their deliberations, and it will be there until June 15 (the day after his 78th birthday). It will continue to affect him, but the most intense time is likely to be this ~2 week stretch.


Another major factor that shows up here is transiting Saturn’s square to natal Uranus (the red set of arrows). Saturn is known as the lord of karma, and he has three traditional roles in astrology: delay, deny, destroy. When he’s working benignly, he delays things by creating necessary obstacles that teach us lessons we need to learn for success. When he’s middling, he can deny us what we want; and when he’s really nasty (or when we haven’t learned the lessons we need to learn), he can tease us by granting us what we want or need and then destroying that.

Saturn is transiting Trump’s 8th house of joint finances, debts (as well as death, taxes, and other challenging topics). As he does so, he’s squaring (making a 90º degree angle) to Trump’s natal Uranus in Gemini. Squares show two forces at cross purposes. In this case, Saturn is trying to force limits, structure, and consequences on Uranus, the bringer of chaos. Notice that Trump’s natal chart shows Uranus conjunct the Sun, which makes him somewhat of an agent of chaos himself. The square calls for adjustment, and while for most people this wouldn’t be impossible (especially here in mutable signs), this may be beyond what Trump is capable of.


The other major transit to note is transiting Mars squaring natal Saturn (the yellow arrows). Mars and Saturn are known as the “malefics,” that is, the “evil doers” or the bad boys. They make life difficult for us. Mars is brash and bold, and Saturn is the boundary keeper. We know that a square brings these two planets into conflict. Here Mars is transiting Aries, where he’s quite strong and unbound, in Trump’s 9th house of justice and law. Saturn is in Cancer, a very uncomfortable sign for him, since Cancer is fluid and emotional, while Saturn is strict and hard. Saturn is in Trump’s natal 12th house of confinement (hospitals, prisons, monasteries, etc.). We know that the square is a challenge and calls for adjustment, so this is another major hurdle for the former president.

In addition, Mars is about to go into Taurus (the green arrow) where he is super frustrated. Mars is the most forward-moving, aggressive planet, while Taurus is the most solid, unmoving sign. Taurus is Trump’s 10th house of career and reputation. Two cycles ago, Mars entered Taurus late on January 6, 2021, just as the insurrection was being quelled in Washington, D.C. This marked a major step in his downfall, and essentially being booted (Mars) from his job (10th house). Note that 10 degrees into Taurus, transiting Mars will square Trump’s natal Pluto in his first house. These are two highly aggressive planets, with Mars having to do with war and attacks, and Pluto with power and entrenchment. This will be exact on June 23, so we should keep our eyes open to see if that triggers something then.


Saturn in Pisces is transiting the 8th house of Trump’s chart. The 8th house represents (among other things) debt, taxes, death, shared resources, and the enemy’s money. It’s notable that during this time, Trump has lost multiple liable cases and has been fined nearly half a billion dollars. We have seen that Saturn is almost exactly square to Uranus on the day of his conviction (it has just passed being exact). But it is also just a few degrees from squaring Trump’s natal Sun at 22 degrees Gemini. Saturn will only reach 20 degrees before turning retrograde, so while the pressure may be on, it backs off and will come roaring back in March 2025. This can be a major impediment to Trump’s moving forward in a lot of ways, and could indicate a moment of high activity in one or more of the other three pending law suits.

Using my favorite planetary period scheme, the Firdaria, where planets rule periods of one’s life, Trump is in the middle of a 10-year Sun period. That means that anything that affects his natal Sun will be more significant during this time. So when Saturn comes calling next Spring, it might be big.

Last Words

I’ll have more to say, using other techniques, and other events as they come around in this saga. Stay tuned.

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