Thursday, March 26, 2020

The Moon enters Taurus at 9:36 this morning, and squares Saturn on the way. Emotional frustrations may abound, but try to take legit criticism if offered. Later Luna crosses Uranus, making the afternoon a time of emotional reversals that may not be welcome. Overnight, she sextiles Mercury, which should making dreaming interesting, if not downright weird.

Monday, March 23, 2020

Luna has a busy day, beginning with the sextiles to Jupiter, Pluto, and Mars, all in Capricorn. This is a fleeting glimpse of yesterday’s challenging energy. Try to stay grounded. At 8:57 pm, the Moon enters Aries, sextiling Saturn on the way in. Thoughts may turn to building new things & projects, but the Moon is almost dark, so write it down for later. The New Moon is at 5:28 am tomorrow morning.


You Say You Want a Revolution…

The branch of astrology that deals with world events is called Mundane Astrology. It’s probably the oldest branch of astrology, since it dates back to a time when people were trying to make sense of the world around them. There are a number of techniques that traditional astrologers use to predict what might happen in a coming year. Among them are Ingress Charts, Eclipses, Great Conjunctions, and Time Lords. We’re going to take a look here at Ingress Charts. Ingress charts are cast for the moment a planet (the Sun in this case) enters a new sign of the zodiac. Read more…

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Mercury sextiles Uranus this morning, offering potential new ways to communicate. But it (Merc) is in Pisces, so go ahead and go for weird. The Moon conjoins Neptune, who is sextiled by Venus late tonight, and Mars conjoins Pluto. This is like the damsel in white being courted by the bad boy on the motorcycle. It can’t end well, but will be exciting along the way.

Saturday, March 21, 2020

The Moon enters Pisces at 8:33 this morning, bringing a little extra fuzziness to the day. She’ll conjoin Mercury, making its way back from the retrograde. Best to express yourself in non-verbal ways today; don’t be afraid to try new avenues of expression. At 11:58pm, Saturn makes his first foray into Aquarius for the first time in nearly 3 decades. For those who have Saturn there natally, you will start to feel it now. He’s not done with Capricorn yet, though, as he’ll retrograde one more time into it later this year.

Aries Ingress 2020 Chart

Happy Spring!

Going through some Facebook memories this morning, a friend (and now Patreon supporter) asked a few years ago: “Could you lay down some vernal equinox parameters for us? My ephemeris says March 21. My sweetie is a Pisces. So are a couple of our friends. Help?!” (edited slightly) What she meant here was the all of the friends that she mentioned have birthdays on March 21. But they all have the Sun in Pisces. So if the vernal equinox — the day the Sun enters Aries — is March 21, then how could they be Sun-sign Pisces? Crazy old books Read more…

Friday, March 20, 2020

Happy Spring! The Sun entered Aries just before midnight last night, beginning a new astrological year for the Northern Hemisphere. The Moon continues in brainy Aquarius today with no aspects. Mars conjoins Jupiter in Capricorn, bringing an abundance of focus to whatever we’re working on. Take advantage of the energy.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

The Moon in intellectual Aquarius is fairly quiet today. The Sun sextiles Saturn, continuing the serious focus from the Moon’s overnight aspects. At 11:49pm, the Sun enters Aries, the Spring Equinox. Before daybreak tomorrow, the Moon squares Venus, emphasizing the unusual in beauty, art, and love.