Friday, February 14, 2020

The morning starts off with the possibility of that hangover feeling. Moon is in Scorpio for the day, and makes no early aspects. In the afternoon, she makes a gentle trine to Mercury, and this evening another gentle aspect (sextile) to Jupiter. It may not be easy, but it’s a good day to deal with talking over important, emotional issues; and a good night for self-care. Overnight, Luna trines Neptune, adding to the cocoon-like feeling of the late hours.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Yesterday’s relative quiet is countered by the pinball-like activity of the Moon, bouncing from one aspect to another for a total of 5 today as well as changing sign. Until noon, she’ll square Pluto while trining the Sun, carrying with her the possibility of power struggles, but the kind that can work out if handled well. Through the afternoon she’ll square Saturn and sextile Mars, the malefic planets. Responsibilities may be hard or painful to fulfill, but can’t be avoided. At 7:37pm, the Moon enters Scorpio, which can feel like a time to go hide in the corner after the Read more…

I’m a Sleeping Giraffe with Wind Chime rising. What’s your sign?

I recently saw a fun astrology/astronomy meme on social media. Now let me say first of all that I don’t usually like astrology memes on social media. I know that some people think that they are funny. But most of them are so astrologically inaccurate that they make me cringe. And people love to chime in with, “that’s so me!” even when it isn’t “so them” at all. It’s just another example of confirmation bias that ultimately hurts the public reputation of astrology. But this one was pure fun. It’s true. Sometimes we have to wonder “what were they thinking?” Read more…

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

The first half of the day is dominated by Luna’s trine to Pluto and Saturn and her square to Mars. This could dig out deeply rooted emotions and beliefs and challenge them while the world looks on. At 6:37pm, the Moon enters Libra, bringing more balance to our outlook. Overnight she’ll oppose her own sign ruler (Libra), Venus in Aries, adding some artistic/relationship tension to the mix.

Monday, February 10, 2020

We wake up today with the Moon opposing Mercury until late morning. This is challenging because the Moon is moving through Mercury’s sign (Virgo), while Mercury is opposite its home (it’s in Pisces), adding a lot of tension. The opposition is also challenging as an aspect. So communications and sales could bring difficulties this morning, mostly due to lack of clarity and mix-ups. Later in the day and into evening, the Moon trines Jupiter and opposes Neptune, tempting us with rewards that may not manifest at this time.

Saturday, February 8, 2020

There are no aspects to or from the Moon or any planets at all today, which would normally make for a quiet day, if not for the coming Full Moon in (sometimes over-)expressive Leo building toward perfection in early tomorrow morning. This could make for a dramatic day, but at least it should be fairly uncomplicated drama. Full Moon is Feb 9 at 2:33am EST.

Friday, February 7, 2020

For the first part of the day, Luna opposes Saturn, both in their home signs. This heralds a real push-pull between gentle caring and harsh responsibilities. Try to find the right balance for you. In the late afternoon, Venus enters Aries, leaving behind her beloved Pisces, and taking on martial qualities as best she can. But she’s not really Mars, so this is not the most comfortable fit this month, and relationships and all things aesthetic may be a bit “in your face.” By early evening, the Moon enters dramatic Leo, just as she trines the new Venus in Aries, Read more…

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Throughout the day, the Moon moves toward opposing Jupiter in Capricorn and trining Neptune in Pisces. These are exact between late afternoon and mid-evening. Beware pie in the sky dreams and desires that may seem within reach right now; or may seem to be the solutions to all your problems. Not all that glitters is gold. Then overnight the Moon will oppose Pluto, intensifying any feelings that we have about these dreams and desires.