Astrological Almanac for Friday, August 26, 2022

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(All times Eastern)

Overnight into tomorrow we have a couple of big aspects becoming exact. Venus squares Uranus at about the same time the Sun squares Mars. This is likely to bring about some explosive moments in relationships, and could also lead to brilliant art work. See the Weekly Post for more.

At 8:24 this evening, the Moon enters Virgo, so she’ll be picky and probably self-critical about the other aspects going on. Try to flow through it all without a lot of (self)judgment.

The New Moon is at 4:17 am tomorrow, just after the big planetary aspects, and has Luna joining the Sun in the square to Mars. It’s likely to be a fiesty month, with this aspect “baked into” the New Moon chart.

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Weekly Context Post:

26 Aug 2022 20:24 Mon Cnj Vir 00°Vi00′ 00°Vi00′

27 Aug 2022 00:33 Ven Sqr Ura 18°Le55′ 18°Ta55′

27 Aug 2022 01:27 Sun Sqr Mar 03°Vi56′ 03°Ge56′

27 Aug 2022 04:11 Mon Sqr Mar 04°Vi00′ 04°Ge00′

27 Aug 2022 04:17 Mon Cnj Sun 04°Vi03′ 04°Vi03′

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