Astrological Almanac for Friday, December 10, 2021

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Today is the first quarter Moon; it’s a good time to readjust goals and projects, especially short-term ones. At the same time, we may not see too clearly today, and our sense of judgment may not be the most rational. That makes it a great time for art projects, but not necessarily the best for deciding how to readjust right now. That can make for some uncomfortable moments. Trust intuition today, and don’t be too self-critical.

Tomorrow, Venus finally reaches Pluto, and she’s about to go retrograde, so relationships are probably quite intense right now, and there is likely to be a strong element of desire, perhaps even obsession, in the air. If this is what you need, go for it. But be careful about new passions (people, things, or projects), since the obsessive feelings now may fade in a few months. See the Weekly Context Post for more details.

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Weekly Context Post:

10 Dec 2021 20:35 Mon Sqr Sun 19°Pi13′ 19°Sg13′

10 Dec 2021 22:50 Mon Cnj Nep 20°Pi25′ 20°Pi25′

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