Astrological Almanac for Friday, December 31, 2021

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(All times Eastern)

The early part of the day is likely to feel mildly serious, and is good for work, focus, fulfilling obligations, etc. By noon, the energy starts to rise as the Moon joins Mars in fiery Sagittarius. We might feel like getting a little wild and crazy this New Year’s Eve. Be careful of accidents or not paying attention where you should.

As the evening draws on, we may find nostalgia creeping in as Luna squares Neptune. This can also provide a seriously impaired sense of clarity, so if you are inclined to continue with the wild and crazy, or if you believe that you are making a leap of faith into the new year tonight: just don’t. Wait until life is a bit clearer and less self-delusional.

All day and into tomorrow, the Sun trines Uranus, which can provide a nice sense of independence and invite us to try on a new look for ourselves. See the Weekly Context post for more details on that.

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Weekly Context Post:

31 Dec 2021 13:14 Mon Sxt Sat 11°Sg52′ 11°Aq52′

31 Dec 2021 15:00 Mon Cnj Mar 12°Sg58′ 12°Sg58′

1 Jan 2022 03:15 Mon Sqr Nep 20°Sg40′ 20°Pi40′

1 Jan 2022 04:49 Sun Tri Ura 10°Cp56′ 10°Ta56′

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