Astrological Almanac for Friday, January 8, 2021

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At 10:40am today, Venus enters Capricorn where she’ll spend the rest of January. The planet of pleasure likes earthy signs, and here our focus may be on pragmatic aesthetics. It’s a good time to manifest artwork and music, and to engage in projects that need focus.

The Sun cooperates with Neptune today to add a touch of romanticism and idealism to the beginning of the weekend. It’s a nice aspect because it’s not so strong that we’re inclined to try to escape reality or deceive ourselves.

The Moon works with the Sun and Neptune now for the possibility of deep dreaming and visions.

However, tonights Mercury-Mars conflict may make communications difficult, so it’s not a totally rosy day. We may feel like flying off the handle, or simply like speaking truths that are inconvenient and therefore challenging to others. If others confront you, try to take a breath before responding to see if what they say holds any truth. Before tearing them apart.

At 6:01 am tomorrow, the Moon enters Sagittarius, lightening the heavy-ish mood that today may bestow.

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