Astrological Almanac for Friday, March 4, 2021

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Today there are no exact planetary or lunar aspects. But we’re still heavily influenced by the Venus/Mars/Pluto conjunction, which was exact a day or so ago, and Venus is tightening up to conjoin Mars again on Sunday, as both those planets move into Aquarius together. See the Weekly Post for more details.

Before dawn tomorrow, the Moon sextiles Saturn, making tonight a good time for structure, planning, and detailed work.

One thing that is worth noting ahead of time is that Jupiter is cazimi from about half past midnight March 5, through 4:30pm the same day. This means that Jupiter and the Sun are exactly conjunct, within about a quarter of a degree. Usually, close conjunctions with the Sun are not considered benefic, since the planet loses its strength in the blinding light of the Sun (referred to as “combust”). However, when the planet is right at the heart of the Sun, there is a temporary reprieve, and some sources even teach that the planet experiences a stronger than usual state. Here, Jupiter is in his own sign of Pisces, on top of it. So March 5 is an excellent day for things related to spirituality, religion, hopes and wishes, achieving goals, overall abundance and finances.

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Weekly Context Post:

5 Mar 2022 06:55 Mon Sxt Sat 19°Ar18′ 19°Aq18′

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