Astrological Almanac for Friday, May 20, 2022

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(All times Eastern)

The early morning holds some intensity, and we may wake up from remarkable dreams. The Moon enters Aquarius at 8:52 am, focusing us on community affairs and the good of others. We may feel the urge to communicate and work on details, which is OK, but remember that Mercury is still retrograde, so beware.

At 9:22pm, the Sun enters Gemini, beginning the last official month of the northern Spring. Gemini is a mutable sign, so there’s a lot of flexibility this month. It’s also ruled by Mercury, who is now retrograde, so for the first couple of weeks, all things Gemini may not flow as well as they might otherwise. See the Weekly Post for more details.

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Weekly Context Post:

20 May 2022 06:23 Mon Cnj Plu 28°Cp30′ 28°Cp29′

20 May 2022 07:59 Mon Tri Sun 29°Cp27′ 29°Ta27′

20 May 2022 08:52 Mon Cnj Aqu 00°Aq00′ 00°Aq00′

20 May 2022 11:11 Mon Tri Mer 01°Aq23′ 01°Ge23′

20 May 2022 11:53 Mon Sxt Jup 01°Aq48′ 01°Ar48′

20 May 2022 21:22 Sun Cnj Gem 00°Ge00′ 00°Ge00′

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