Astrological Almanac for Friday, May 21, 2021

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(All times Eastern)

The Sun is now in Gemini, a sign ruled by Mercury, which is often focused on details, but not on putting the whole picture together. That’s Jupiter’s job. Today the Sun squares Jupiter, making sifting out the details vis-à-vis the big picture a serious challenge. Jupiter is strong in Pisces while the Sun is middling in Gemini (though ruled by a strong Mercury also in Gemini). This may bring the urge to grow beyond what is reasonable now. So for the next couple of days, try to keep growth plans and goals in check, since they are likely to be a bit pie-in-the-sky.

The Moon in Virgo (the other Mercury sign) squares Mercury and opposes Neptune this morning, contributing to the lack of clarity, especially about all the bits and pieces. Communications could be fuzzy, especially this morning. In all, the first half of the day could feel somewhat out of sorts for many folks.

The Moon trines Pluto this afternoon, potentially providing some release from the tension of the first half of the day, before entering Libra at 9:35 tonight. Libra is a fairly social sign, and the aspects for the weekend support an easier flow.

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