Astrological Almanac for Friday, November 12, 2021

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(All times Eastern)

The morning begins with a nice flow, though one that may make it hard to get serious work done. This goes against the over-arching planetary stresses of the week, so you may not experience it, or you may feel pulled between different poles. Much will depend on how/if it affects your personal chart. The rest of the day continues with the Moon making nice aspects, trying to energize us and make easy connections with friends and partners, and even making communications a bit easier; all while the planets above fight. But today should feel a little easier overall.

Tomorrow Mercury opposes Uranus exactly, so we’ll feel that tension building now (if you haven’t already). See the Weekly Context post (near the end of it) for details.

Weekly Context Post:

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12 Nov 2021 11:23 Sun Tri Nep 20°Sc30′ 20°Pi30′

12 Nov 2021 15:17 Mon Sxt Ven 06°Pi47′ 06°Cp47′

12 Nov 2021 19:28 Mon Tri Mar 09°Pi03′ 09°Sc03′

13 Nov 2021 00:22 Mon Tri Mer 11°Pi43′ 11°Sc43′

13 Nov 2021 01:43 Mon Sxt Ura 12°Pi26′ 12°Ta26′

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