Astrological Almanac for Friday, November 13, 2020

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At 11:18 this morning, the Moon enters Scorpio, while today Mars (ruler of Scorpio) turns direct, having been retrograde for a rare 6-month stint. Those who have strong Mars rulership may feel the change in direction. It will take a while for Mars to really get moving forward again, but the direction should be much clearer, and plans can now be made that perhaps have been put on hold for a long time.
(Note that 45 has Mars exactly on his Ascendant, indicating a possible change in plans or actions soon.)

Luna’s conjunction to Mercury in Scorpio this afternoon invites us to probe deeply our ideas and how we use our words. Tonight she’ll oppose Uranus, potentially shaking up old ideas or adding that little bit “extra” to Mars’ energy in getting us moving forward again.

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