Astrological Almanac for Friday, October 14, 2022

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(All times Eastern)

Today should be an overall day of stability. The Moon’s aspects to Saturn, Venus, and the Sun are good for grounding and flowing energy. It’s good for making long-term plans, and for finishing projects, especially serious ones or ones related to relationships, art, and career.

The evening gets a little fuzzy as Luna connects with Neptune in a way that makes our perception a bit less than clear.

The late night holds some extra energy for night owls, and also some possible frustrations and challenges, especially if we are dealing with other people during those hours.

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Weekly Context Post:

14 Oct 2022 13:32 Mon Tri Sat 18°Ge38′ 18°Aq38′

14 Oct 2022 14:51 Mon Tri Ven 19°Ge18′ 19°Li18′

14 Oct 2022 19:23 Mon Tri Sun 21°Ge35′ 21°Li35′

14 Oct 2022 22:45 Mon Sqr Nep 23°Ge17′ 23°Pi17′

15 Oct 2022 00:10 Mon Cnj Mar 24°Ge00′ 23°Ge59′

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