Astrological Almanac for Friday, October 22, 2021

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(All times Eastern)

The first half of the day has an optimistic feel to it; but we need to be careful not to go too far with it and engage in unrealistic fantasies.

At 12:51 am tomorrow, the Sun enters Scorpio, marking the middle month of the Fall season in the North. The year is dying, and the veil is thinning. The middle month of any season, which is the fixed sign of that season, is the most iconic of that three-month period. So this is the quintessential autumn month in the North.

Before dawn tomorrow, the Moon enters Gemini (3:57 am), giving a slight social feel to the next couple of days, though it’s going against the Scorpio wave.

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22 Oct 2021 09:26 Mon Sxt Nep 20°Ta49′ 20°Pi49′

22 Oct 2021 12:31 Mon Sqr Jup 22°Ta21′ 22°Aq21′

22 Oct 2021 16:35 Mon Tri Plu 24°Ta22′ 24°Cp22′

23 Oct 2021 00:51 Sun Cnj Sco 00°Sc00′ 00°Sc00′

23 Oct 2021 03:57 Mon Cnj Gem 00°Ge00′ 00°Ge00′

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