Astrological Almanac for Friday, October 29, 2021

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(All times Eastern)

The morning begins with an urge to break free and overturn the “normal” way of things. That should smooth out a bit by midday, and the evening has a pretty nice feel for social situations and aesthetic ones.

But this is still set against the backdrop of the Sun’s square to Saturn, exact before dawn tomorrow. Feeling that we’re in control and that the road ahead is smooth may be challenging now. A lot of bumps and blocks in the road make the journey a bit challenging. By the end of the weekend, this will start to fade. But it probably doesn’t feel great right now.

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29 Oct 2021 06:24 Mon Sqr Ura 13°Le03′ 13°Ta03′

29 Oct 2021 18:31 Mon Sxt Mer 19°Le26′ 19°Li26′

30 Oct 2021 00:23 Mon Opp Jup 22°Le34′ 22°Aq34′

30 Oct 2021 03:04 Mon Tri Ven 24°Le00′ 24°Sg00′

30 Oct 2021 05:53 Sun Sqr Sat 07°Sc11′ 07°Aq11′

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