Astrological Almanac for Friday, September 16, 2022

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(All times Eastern)

Today has Venus squaring Mars, while the Moon conjoins Mars and therefore also squares Venus. This is a classic conflict of male-female polarities, but being in mutable signs, it shouldn’t be the most stubborn of battles. However we are still likely to see some nasty words and overly picky attitudes.

The Sun also opposes Neptune exactly today, making clarity quite difficult, especially in our overall direction and career issues. See the Weekly Post for more on both of these.

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Weekly Context Post:

16 Sep 2022 14:48 Ven Sqr Mar 14°Vi23′ 14°Ge23′

16 Sep 2022 18:20 Sun Opp Nep 24°Vi01′ 24°Pi01′

16 Sep 2022 20:51 Mon Cnj Mar 14°Ge30′ 14°Ge30′

16 Sep 2022 21:18 Mon Sqr Ven 14°Ge43′ 14°Vi43′

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