Astrological Almanac for Friday, September 22, 2023

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Astrological Almanac for Friday, September 22, 2023

(All times Eastern)

The morning is pretty fuzzy, and we may have a hard time coming back from dreamworld and engaging with reality. The afternoon continues to be a bit challenging, and we have to make more adjustments and let go.

At 4:20pm, the Moon enters Capricorn and aspects Saturn, its ruler. We are likely to be fairly serious this weekend and focused on pragmatics.

At 2:49am Saturday, the Sun enters Libra, marking the (fall) equinox. The chaotic energy that a new season brings is likely to be evident, as we head into fall and toward the dark time.

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Weekly Context Post:

22 Sep 2023 09:37 Mon Sqr Nep 26°Sg11′ 26°Pi11′

22 Sep 2023 15:31 Mon Sqr Sun 29°Sg32′ 29°Vi32′

22 Sep 2023 16:20 Mon Cnj Cap 00°Cp00′ 00°Cp00′

22 Sep 2023 19:44 Mon Sxt Sat 01°Cp56′ 01°Pi56′

23 Sep 2023 02:49 Sun Cnj Lib 00°Li00′ 00°Li00′

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