Astrological Almanac for Monday, December 21, 2020

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Today is the day that many have been waiting for: Jupiter conjoins Saturn in the first degree of Aquarius at 1:20pm EST. This conjunction happens only once every 20 years, and sets the stage for world events for the next couple of decades. This year, the visual promises to be spectacular (in cloudless places), as it has been leading up to it. Both planets are right on the ecliptic (not North or South of it), so they will appear to be almost the same bright star. Look to the west just after sundown for them.

The waxing Moon enters Aries at 5:32pm, and immediately sextiles the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction, then squares the fading Sun-Mercury conjunction. This is an excellent time for long-range planning and planting seeds, especially ones that involve business, social structures, groups, finance, philanthropy, etc. The square to Sun-Mercury may indicate that we’re not looking at all the pieces, though; so take extra care to note details and potential outcomes and consequences while planning and planting.

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