Astrological Almanac for Monday, January 17, 2021

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(All times Eastern)

The Moon opposes the separating (fading) Sun-Pluto conjunction today, and this is the only real “action.” This will extend or re-trigger some of those issues of power, control, authority, abuse, corruption, sexuality, etc.

At 11:03 pm Luna enters Leo, leaving the comfort of Cancer. The beginning of the work week may see some drama, and feelings may be a bit “big.” At the same time, this could also bring opportunities for generosity and courage.

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Weekly Context Post:

17 Jan 2022 16:07 Mon Opp Plu 26°Cn29′ 26°Cp29′

17 Jan 2022 18:48 Mon Opp Sun 27°Cn50′ 27°Cp50′

17 Jan 2022 23:03 Mon Cnj Leo 00°Le00′ 00°Le00′

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