Astrological Almanac for Monday, July 8, 2024

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(All times Eastern)

Today’s Venus-Uranus sextile and Mercury-Jupiter sextile set up a generally good couple of days for relationships and intellectual pursuits. See the Weekly Post for more.

But we could also have some small irritations today, and others could challenge our peace, so try to flow through things and give others enough space to take their frustrations elsewhere instead of bringing them to you.

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Weekly Context Post:

8 Jul 2024 07:04 Ven Sxt Ura 26°Cn02′ 26°Ta02′

8 Jul 2024 10:26 Mer Sxt Jup 09°Le50′ 09°Ge50′

8 Jul 2024 17:17 Mon Sqr Mar 21°Le36′ 21°Ta36′

9 Jul 2024 02:03 Mon Sqr Ura 26°Le04′ 26°Ta04′

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