Astrological Almanac for Monday, June 27, 2022

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(All times Eastern)

Mars sextiles Saturn today, which is good for generall work flow and focus. See the Weekly Post for details. Early tomorrow morning, Neptune begins its normal 6-ish months of being retrograde; again, see the Weekly Post for more.

The Moon spends the entire day trining Saturn and sextiling Mars, as well as squaring Neptune. These all become exact between 9:23pm and 10:38pm. Generally, this should add to the positive flow that the Mars-Saturn connection are making, though you’ll want to be certain to double and triple check details with Neptune in the mix.

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Weekly Context Post:

27 Jun 2022 18:28 Mar Sxt Sat 24°Ar49′ 24°Aq49′

27 Jun 2022 21:23 Mon Tri Sat 24°Ge49′ 24°Aq49′

27 Jun 2022 21:34 Mon Sxt Mar 24°Ge55′ 24°Ar55′

27 Jun 2022 22:38 Mon Sqr Nep 25°Ge26′ 25°Pi26′

28 Jun 2022 03:54 Nep R 25°Pi26′

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