Astrological Almanac for Monday, June 3, 2024

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(All times Eastern)

Mercury enters Gemini this morning, comfortable in a sign where they can communicate with ease, and facilitate connections between worlds. This is good not only for personal communications, but for sales, magic, astrological studies, and more. They trine Pluto while conjoining Jupiter overnight, potentially tapping into some deep reserves of wisdom and knowledge. See the Weekly Post for more.

The Moon’s early morning square to Pluto is the only lunar aspect today, and can make the morning somewhat frustrating in terms of power issues, and potential power struggles. This should fade after noon.

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Weekly Context Post:

3 Jun 2024 03:36 Mer Cnj Gem 00°Ge00′ 00°Ge00′

3 Jun 2024 05:04 Mon Sqr Plu 01°Ta52′ 01°Aq52′

4 Jun 2024 02:12 Mer Tri Plu 01°Ge52′ 01°Aq52′

4 Jun 2024 06:23 Mer Cnj Jup 02°Ge12′ 02°Ge12′

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