Astrological Almanac for Monday, March 15, 2021 (All times Eastern)

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The Moon works nicely with Jupiter this morning to continue what is likely to have been a relaxed, but not lethargic, weekend. Later tonight Luna and Pluto duke it out as we experience some tensions and pressures, either having to do with hidden issues or even perhaps sexual energy. We may not want to let go of what we should.

The big shift today is Mercury’s entry into Pisces. Mercury rules Virgo and is exalted there, the only planet to rule and be exalted in the same sign. Pisces is opposite Virgo, meaning that Mercury is in deep do-do here; their in “enemy territory,” to use the old metaphor for this configuration. Mercury wants to communicate clearly, distinguish and analyze, sell things (“merc”hant = “Merc”ury), learn, move around, etc. Here in Pisces, they are likely to be somewhat inhibited. But they still work. Instead of logic, we have music and metaphor. Instead of prose, we have poetry. Instead of learning and clarification, we get the trickster aspect of Mercury. In fact, this placement is probably more challenging than Mercury when retrograde, but in a sign where they are more comfortable. So many may experience some of the same frustrations as during a Mercury retrograde. This is going to be more likely for folks with planets in Pisces, Virgo, Gemini, and Sagittarius. As with a retrograde, take extra time in planning things, verifying details, and double-checking everything. And have patience not only with yourself, but with others. Don’t assume that a not-returned email or text is intentional right now. Maybe yours didn’t arrive. Or maybe went to the wrong place.

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