Astrological Almanac for Monday, March 21, 2022

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(All times Eastern)

The Moon is busy today, contacting most of the planets in the Solar system; given that they are mostly in fixed signs, this is going to happen often for a while whenever the Moon is in a fixed sign, too.

The morning starts with some fiery energy, possibly urging us to conflict and argument. The afternoon isn’t much better as we may encounter challenges and problems in relationships and the creative process.

The evening improves somewhat, as there is a much more generous, benign feel, but it’s not complete, and we may still feel like we’re being challenged either by people or circumstances in general.

Overnight however, could be a nice time for dreaming, and there should be some relief after a busy day.

Tomorrow’s Mars-Uranus square is already going to be felt strongly and is likely to add to the conflict. See the Weekly Post for more on that.

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Weekly Context Post:

21 Mar 2022 07:16 Mon Sqr Mar 11°Sc23′ 11°Aq23′

21 Mar 2022 08:57 Mon Opp Ura 12°Sc22′ 12°Ta22′

21 Mar 2022 12:33 Mon Sqr Ven 14°Sc29′ 14°Aq29′

21 Mar 2022 20:08 Mon Tri Jup 18°Sc55′ 18°Pi55′

21 Mar 2022 22:25 Mon Tri Mer 20°Sc16′ 20°Pi16′

21 Mar 2022 23:49 Mon Sqr Sat 21°Sc05′ 21°Aq05′

22 Mar 2022 03:25 Mon Tri Nep 23°Sc12′ 23°Pi12′

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