Astrological Almanac for Monday, March 28, 2022

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(All times Eastern)

The morning may feel like we want to engage with others while at the same time pulling away; the Moon comes right across today’s Venus-Saturn conjunction, which is likely to slow down social engagements and relationships in general, as well as artistic production. See the Weekly Post for more.

At 12:31 am tomorrow, the Moon enters Pisces, where we begin to edge away from the super rational feeling of the last day or two and start to let emotions take over a bit.

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Weekly Context Post:

28 Mar 2022 09:48 Mon Cnj Ven 21°Aq29′ 21°Aq29′

28 Mar 2022 10:11 Mon Cnj Sat 21°Aq43′ 21°Aq43′

28 Mar 2022 15:27 Ven Cnj Sat 21°Aq44′ 21°Aq44′

29 Mar 2022 00:31 Mon Cnj Pis 00°Pi00′ 00°Pi00′

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