Astrological Almanac for Monday, March 4, 2024

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Astrological Almanac for Monday, March 4, 2024

(All times Eastern)

The Mercury-Uranus sextile this afternooon invites us to let our freak flags fly a little, and express ourselves authentically. See the Weekly Post for more.

The Moon squares Neptune in the morning, so it’s also a good time to imagine who we are or want to be. It’s a good morning for fantasy, but we may have a bit of a hard time seeing reality clearly until about noon.

At 4:15pm, Luna enters Capricorn, which could feel like a hard crash into reality, as responsibilities come to the fore and concern for the opinions of others.

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Weekly Context Post:

4 Mar 2024 10:40 Mon Sqr Nep 26°Sg52′ 26°Pi52′

4 Mar 2024 15:23 Mer Sxt Ura 19°Pi41′ 19°Ta41′

4 Mar 2024 16:15 Mon Cnj Cap 00°Cp00′ 00°Cp00′

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