Astrological Almanac for Monday, May 1, 2023

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(All times Eastern)

Pluto turns retrograde today, hanging out at 0 Aquarius for quite a while before heading back into Capricorn. Mercury also crosses the face of the Sun today, as they continue their retrograde. See the Weekly Post for more.

The morning can have some re-adjustments and some minor clashes with others, especially friends and close relationships. Be flexible now as things shift.

The afternoon and evening are hard times to see the truth, and there may be delusions or outright deceptions that we have to be aware of now.

At 7:52pm, the Moon enters Libra, trining Pluto on the way. This can spark interest in how we balance power in our relationships and in society as well.

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Weekly Context Post:

1 May 2023 13:08 Plu R 00°Aq21′

1 May 2023 13:31 Mon Sqr Ven 23°Vi29′ 23°Ge29′

1 May 2023 19:27 Sun Cnj Mer 11°Ta19′ 11°Ta19′

1 May 2023 19:52 Mon Opp Nep 26°Vi45′ 26°Pi45′

2 May 2023 02:08 Mon Cnj Lib 00°Li00′ 00°Li00′

2 May 2023 02:51 Mon Tri Plu 00°Li21′ 00°Aq21′

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