Astrological Almanac for Monday, September 13, 2021

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(All times Eastern)

The Moon and Mercury conspire to make the morning a pretty good time for communications, learning, studying, sales, etc.

The Sun opposes Neptune all day and tomorrow. So as the morning’s aspect fades, a lack of clarity may creep in, and possibly an urge to escape. On the one hand, our judgment may be unclear and prone to error; on the other, art and psychic skills may be strong. So indulge the fantasy-creativity side of things today if possible. This is emphasized this afternoon as the Moon squares the Sun and Neptune at about the same time. Her square to the Sun marks the first quarter Moon, and so on top of other things, the afternoon may feel somewhat unbalanced or uncomfortable. We may feel competing energies from exploring and expanding on the one hand, and contracting,

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