Astrological Almanac for Saturday, April 30, 2022

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(All times Eastern)

Today has a couple of major happenings. Starting with the nicer one, Venus conjoins Jupiter exactly in Pisces. These are the two “benefic” (do-gooder) planets, in a sign where they are both in excellent condition. It’s a great time these few days for social events, artistic work, low-key partying, and all good things in general.

The other thing is the partial solar eclipse in Taurus. Being in Taurus, it’s ruled by Venus, which we know is conjunct Jupiter. See the Weekly Post for more on the conjunction and the eclipse.

Remember that a Solar Eclipse is de facto a New Moon, so it’s also a good time to set intentions for the month, though you’ll want to wait a few days until the Moon is visible again before taking real action on them.

Luna works with Mars later today to give a nice energy boost to the afternoon and evening, and she conjoins Uranus just after midnight, encouraging a night of individuality and experimentation.

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Weekly Context Post:

30 Apr 2022 16:28 Sun SEcl 10°Ta28′

30 Apr 2022 16:28 Mon Cnj Sun 10°Ta28′ 10°Ta28′

30 Apr 2022 17:13 Ven Cnj Jup 27°Pi57′ 27°Pi57′

30 Apr 2022 19:23 Mon Sxt Mar 11°Ta58′ 11°Pi58′

1 May 2022 00:24 Mon Cnj Ura 14°Ta33′ 14°Ta33′

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