Astrological Almanac for Saturday, December 11, 2021

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(All times Eastern)

Two major planetary aspects (and one minor one) are exact today. Venus conjoins Pluto in Capricorn, while the Sun squares Neptune (Sagittarius to Pisces). See the Weekly Context Post for details, but the short version is that relationships may be incredibly tense and intense right now, especially if you are Venus ruled (have a lot of your planets in Taurus or Libra) or if you have planets at the end of Capricorn or Cancer (and to a lesser extent Aries and Libra). Passions could run high, for good or bad. Coupled with the sense of lacking direction and purpose, the weekend could be a fuzzy, confusing time. It’s not at all a good time to make major decisions or changes, unless you’re escaping an abusive situation.

The Moon aspects a number of these through the day, triggering and intensifying an already intense environment. The energy could be high, especially through the mid-afternoon and especially for those who have planets at the end of the water signs (Pisces & Scorpio).

At 4:46 pm, Luna leaps into Aries, ramping up again, and encouraging us to make hasty decisions and to leap before looking. Don’t fall for it.

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Weekly Context Post:

11 Dec 2021 07:51 Mon Sxt Ven 25°Pi16′ 25°Cp16′

11 Dec 2021 07:56 Mon Sxt Plu 25°Pi18′ 25°Cp18′

11 Dec 2021 10:33 Mon Sqr Mer 26°Pi42′ 26°Sg42′

11 Dec 2021 11:28 Ven Cnj Plu 25°Cp19′ 25°Cp19′

11 Dec 2021 14:24 Mer Sxt Jup 26°Sg57′ 26°Aq57′

11 Dec 2021 14:39 Mon Tri Mar 28°Pi53′ 28°Sc53′

11 Dec 2021 16:46 Mon Cnj Ari 00°Ar00′ 00°Ar00′

12 Dec 2021 01:21 Sun Sqr Nep 20°Sg26′ 20°Pi26′

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