Astrological Almanac for Saturday, December 25, 2021

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(All times Eastern)

Today, Venus is exactly conjunct Pluto again as she retrogrades across him. But this energy has been with us for at least a week, since she didn’t get too far from him (only a couple of degrees) before turning retrograde. This indicates an intensity of relationships, and issues of the past coming up again, especially if these are things that you haven’t dealt with. It can be a stressful time, so be good to yourself and others, and keep your boundaries strong. You might need to just walk away.

The Moon today is on a different track: low-key, but fairly gentle as she makes nice contacts with Mercury and Venus while opposing Neptune. This may make communication a bit tough unless it’s poetry or song, so if you can stay away from the heavy duty topics, it should be nice.

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25 Dec 2021 07:02 Ven Cnj Plu 25°Cp43′ 25°Cp43′

25 Dec 2021 15:08 Mon Tri Mer 18°Vi57′ 18°Cp57′

25 Dec 2021 18:07 Mon Opp Nep 20°Vi34′ 20°Pi34′

26 Dec 2021 03:11 Mon Tri Ven 25°Vi30′ 25°Cp30′

26 Dec 2021 03:39 Mon Tri Plu 25°Vi45′ 25°Cp45′

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