Astrological Almanac for Saturday, January 28, 2023

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(All times Eastern)

The First Quarter Moon is at 10:18 this morning, in fixed signs. There is a need to prune away the seedlings that aren’t needed or are simply going to get in the way now. But we may feel a reluctance to do it. Remember that you can always replant some things later if you can’t give them enough attention right now.

The rest of the day is a fairly good time for communications, especially about physical-plane things, such as mechanics, health, food, etc.

The evening may bring some agitation and a desire to do it yourself, while not being completely isolationist either.

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Weekly Context Post:

28 Jan 2023 10:18 Mon Sqr Sun 08°Ta25′ 08°Aq25′

28 Jan 2023 20:43 Mon Tri Mer 13°Ta57′ 13°Cp57′

28 Jan 2023 22:36 Mon Cnj Ura 14°Ta57′ 14°Ta57′

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