Astrological Almanac for Saturday, July 2, 2022

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(All times Eastern)

Mercury trines Saturn this morning, which would normally make for a clear-thinking day, good for making plans. However Mercury also squares Neptune, which normally makes for a fuzzy-headed day, one in which we have a hard time distinguishing what’s real. So we have near exact opposite energies today. It’s likely that the early part of the day is clearer than the afternoon and evening. Later in the day, it’s a good idea not to trust too many details and specifics.

The morning also has the Moon squaring off with Uranus, so while we may have a bit of clarity, we also have a strong urge to independence and blowing things up (metaphorically, of course). Luna then moves on to oppose Saturn in the evening, making the afternoon and evening a perfect combination for paranoia. So be careful out there.

Overnight, the fog clears somewhat, and if you’re a night owl, you can benefit from a boost in energy then.

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Weekly Context Post:

2 Jul 2022 06:38 Mer Tri Sat 24°Ge39′ 24°Aq39′

2 Jul 2022 08:21 Mon Sqr Ura 17°Le48′ 17°Ta48′

2 Jul 2022 16:52 Mer Sqr Nep 25°Ge26′ 25°Pi26′

2 Jul 2022 21:54 Mon Opp Sat 24°Le37′ 24°Aq37′

3 Jul 2022 00:42 Mon Sxt Mer 26°Le02′ 26°Ge02′

3 Jul 2022 05:58 Mon Tri Mar 28°Le42′ 28°Ar42′

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