Astrological Almanac for Saturday, March 26, 2022

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(All times Eastern)

The morning is likely to be a creative time, again with out-of-the-box thinking, and perhaps even some difficulties with straightforward communications.

The afternoon and evening have a more intense feel to them, and you may find yourself investigating deep issues and probing emotional matters.

At 8:55 pm, the Moon enters Aquarius, taking the edge off the emotional and moving us to focus more on the rational side of things. Be careful not to over-intellectualize emotions.

At 3:44 am tomorrow, Mercury emerges from watery Pisces and into bright, fiery Aries. This may feel quite strongly as if your brain has been underwater for a couple of weeks and now it has crept up onto the beach and is drying off at the bonfire, where it regains some if its ability to deal logically with things. Most folks (aside from those who live in the foggy artistic world) are likely to welcome the change. The next few weeks should be full of new ideas and perspectives, and we may have to capture many of them for later exploration if they come too fast.

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Weekly Context Post:

26 Mar 2022 09:36 Mon Sxt Nep 23°Cp22′ 23°Pi22′

26 Mar 2022 18:03 Mon Cnj Plu 28°Cp19′ 28°Cp19′

26 Mar 2022 19:50 Mon Sxt Mer 29°Cp22′ 29°Pi22′

26 Mar 2022 20:55 Mon Cnj Aqu 00°Aq00′ 00°Aq00′

27 Mar 2022 03:44 Mer Cnj Ari 00°Ar00′ 00°Ar00′

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