Astrological Almanac for Saturday, March 4, 2023

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(All times Eastern)

For much of the day, the Moon flows nicely with Jupiter and Venus, making for a really nice, relaxing – or social – day. She also squares Uranus for much of that time, so we still have the potential for reversals or small disruptions. But if we just go with it, we may find that although things aren’t working out the way we planned, they’re still quite nice.

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Weekly Context Post:

4 Mar 2023 11:56 Mon Tri Jup 12°Le42′ 12°Ar42′

4 Mar 2023 17:27 Mon Tri Ven 15°Le26′ 15°Ar26′

4 Mar 2023 17:53 Mon Sqr Ura 15°Le39′ 15°Ta39′

5 Mar 2023 04:26 Mon Sxt Mar 20°Le54′ 20°Ge54′

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