Astrological Almanac for Saturday, March 5, 2021

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The Sun conjoins Jupiter today in Pisces. From just after midnight through 4:30 pm, this should be an excellent time for all things Jupiter: abundance, wealth, social cohesion, peace-making, studying the “big” picture, spirituality, travel, etc. See the Weekly Post for more details. After that, the Sun moves beyond the exact conjunction, and Jupiter is negatively affected by the Sun’s rays, being combust (close to the Sun). However, after about a week, we enter a period where Jupiter transitions to a morning rising, ahead of the Sun; since Jupiter is a diurnal planet, this is an excellent position for him, and in his own sign Pisces, this should be an especially auspicious time. He won’t be visible in the morning for a while yet, but soon he will emerge from the Sun’s rays and be visible before dawn.

Mars and Venus both move into Aquarius this afternoon, and they conjoin at the same time. There’s more in the Weekly Post, but I’ll add that the more we can get stuff out of Capricorn, which has been closely tied to the pandemic, the better. Pluto will remain there for more than another year, so effects are likely to linger. But in Capricorn, while both planets are at home, Mars (war/hate) has the upper hand over Venus (love/peace) due to his exaltation there. In Aquarius, neither planet is particularly at home, but at least they are more on an even playing field. Note that their conjunction at 0 Aquarius is the same degree that Jupiter and Saturn conjoined last year, and is also tied to the pandemic. Hopefully this will indicate some movement toward the eventual end of it.

At 2:59 am tomorrow, the Moon enters Taurus, squaring that Mars/Venus conjunction as she does. Most of this takes place in the middle of the night, so we probably won’t notice it too much. But the Moon in Taurus should give a nice, homey feel to the weekend, at least until late Saturday.

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Weekly Context Post:

5 Mar 2022 09:06 Sun Cnj Jup 14°Pi58′ 14°Pi58′

5 Mar 2022 14:49 Mon Sxt Mer 23°Ar32′ 23°Aq32′

5 Mar 2022 23:01 Mon Sqr Plu 27°Ar54′ 27°Cp54′

6 Mar 2022 01:22 Mar Cnj Aqu 00°Aq00′ 00°Aq00′

6 Mar 2022 01:29 Ven Cnj Aqu 00°Aq00′ 00°Aq00′

6 Mar 2022 02:12 Ven Cnj Mar 00°Aq01′ 00°Aq01′

6 Mar 2022 02:59 Mon Cnj Tau 00°Ta00′ 00°Ta00′

6 Mar 2022 03:05 Mon Sqr Mar 00°Ta03′ 00°Aq03′

6 Mar 2022 03:06 Mon Sqr Ven 00°Ta03′ 00°Aq03′

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