Astrological Almanac for Saturday, May 18 2024

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Astrological Almanac for Saturday, May 18 2024

(All times Eastern)

Early morning may be weird, and we may have to shake off the dreams. At 6:22am the Moon enters Libra, which would normally help with that, but at 7:40am, Venus – ruler of Libra – conjoins the highly irregular Uranus, extending the weird through the day. See the Weekly Post for more.

The Sun also conjoins Jupiter today, so the weird may at least be optimistic.

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Weekly Context Post:

18 May 2024 05:08 Mon Opp Nep 29°Vi23′ 29°Pi23′

18 May 2024 06:22 Mon Cnj Lib 00°Li00′ 00°Li00′

18 May 2024 07:40 Ven Cnj Ura 23°Ta23′ 23°Ta23′

18 May 2024 10:31 Mon Tri Plu 02°Li02′ 02°Aq02′

18 May 2024 14:45 Sun Cnj Jup 28°Ta18′ 28°Ta18′

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