Astrological Almanac for Saturday, May 21, 2022

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(All times Eastern)

The Sun and retrograde Mercury meet up in Mercury’s sign of Gemini today. We may feel for a bit that the effects of the retrograde are somewhat mitigated, and things go a bit more smoothly than they have been going for a while.

The morning has a decidedly independent feel to it, to the point where we may pick fights with others, so try not to get into it too deeply.

The evening is calmer, and a good one for relaxing with friends.

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Weekly Context Post:

21 May 2022 11:15 Mon Sqr Ura 15°Aq43′ 15°Ta43′

21 May 2022 15:17 Sun Cnj Mer 00°Ge43′ 00°Ge43′

21 May 2022 22:40 Mon Sxt Ven 22°Aq24′ 22°Ar24′

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