Astrological Almanac for Saturday, September 30, 2023

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(All times Eastern)

Mercury trines Uranus today, bringing some real inspiration and possible moments of brilliance. See the Weekly Post for more.

Early morning can be full of high energy challenges and maybe even an argument. But by mid morning, this should ease considerably. Late afternoon is a bit of a swing back to challenge and stubbornness.

At 9:18pm, the Moon enters Taurus, stabilizing the seesaw feel of the day.

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30 Sep 2023 08:19 Mon Opp Mar 22°Ar10′ 22°Li10′

30 Sep 2023 10:08 Mon Tri Ven 23°Ar16′ 23°Le16′

30 Sep 2023 12:55 Mer Tri Ura 22°Vi38′ 22°Ta38′

30 Sep 2023 17:49 Mon Sqr Plu 27°Ar54′ 27°Cp54′

30 Sep 2023 21:18 Mon Cnj Tau 00°Ta00′ 00°Ta00′

30 Sep 2023 23:45 Mon Sxt Sat 01°Ta28′ 01°Pi28′

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