Astrological Almanac for Sunday, August 1, 2021

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Mercury and the Sun conjoin today, offering a few hours of crystal-clear insight. As Mercury approached the Sun, and as it leaves, all Mercurial functions are “burned up” by being so close to the Sun. But when a planet stands within about a quarter of a degree of the Sun, our own star adds its energy to that planet like a super power. Today is one of those times from about 4:30 am until 3:00 pm.

Today Saturn also opposes this Mercury-Sun conjunction, which may make those “super powers” far less than they would be otherwise. Saturn is very strong in his own sign Aquarius, and the Sun is very strong in his own sign Leo. So this is a battle between two giants, one of whom wants honor and glory, and the other who fights for humility and limitations. This battle is likely to last a couple of days, and we are sure to feel the tension, if not in our own chart, then in the charts of those around us.

Overnight into tomorrow, the Moon squares Jupiter, which normally indicates a moderate desire to overindulge, in good things as well as bad. But here it may just add some fuel to the Sun-Saturn fire.

At 4:46 am tomorrow, Luna enters Gemini, which is sure to add to any anxiety and struggle that is going on, especially since Gemini’s ruler, Mercury, is so deeply involved in the Sun-Saturn mix right now.

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