Astrological Almanac for Sunday, August 22, 2021

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(All times Eastern)

The Full Moon is at 8:01 am today. It’s the 2nd Full Moon in Aquarius in a row, as it’s in the last half of a degree, and the previous one in the first degree. Things that have been hidden may come to light, especially surrounding the individual-vs-community dynamic. There may be a struggle between what’s good for the person vs. what’s good for the group.

At 8:42 am, Luna dives into Pisces, inviting us to deepen our compassion and empathy. This is amplified and modified by Venus’s connection to Saturn tomorrow morning, signaling a time of contentment and commitment in relationships overall. Now is the time for slow and steady, rather than rushed and frantic.

At 5:34 pm, the Sun enters Virgo, signaling the last month of the season. In the North, the days begin to grow noticeably shorter, even as we bring in the bulk of the harvest during this, the month of the grain goddess. The constellation Virgo has a star, Spica, which represents the shaft of wheat carried by the Virgin, and another, Vindemiatrix, which signaled of old the time for the grape (“Vin”-demiatrix) harvest.

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