Astrological Almanac for Sunday, August 7, 2022

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(All times Eastern)

Venus trines Neptune exactly today, bringing a dose of escapism and beauty. This tends toward the positive side of these things, rather than the destructive side. However, Mars also makes his exact square to Saturn today as well. This can often feel like stepping on the gas and the brakes at the same time. Because of the signs they’re in, the brakes tend to win this time, so we may find that there’s a frustrating lack of movement forward in many things. See the Weekly Context post for more.

We do get a bit of a lift with the Moon’s connection with the Sun today, which helps propel us a long somewhat.

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Weekly Context Post:

7 Aug 2022 12:43 Ven Tri Nep 25°Cn01′ 25°Pi01′

7 Aug 2022 14:21 Mon Tri Sun 15°Sg14′ 15°Le14′

7 Aug 2022 15:56 Mar Sqr Sat 22°Ta24′ 22°Aq24′

8 Aug 2022 02:11 Mon Sxt Sat 22°Sg22′ 22°Aq22′

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