Astrological Almanac for Sunday, December 13, 2020

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Just around dawn today (EST) the Mercury-Neptune square will be exact. Tomorrow morning before dawn, the Moon will also square Neptune and conjoin Mercury. (These are the only aspects today.)

This could make for a fuzzy day, when things/thoughts aren’t particularly clear. Bumps and hurdles are likely when communication and details are involved. Mercury’s presence in Sagittarius is likely to enhance this even more, since it looks for the big picture there and struggles with details.

It could also be a day of flat-out deception.

So be easy on yourself/others if you/they are having a hard time with logic and mental processes today. Also, try to be honest with yourself while not devaluing your place in the world; just because you don’t feel “at home/ease” today, that doesn’t mean that you don’t belong. And finally, don’t take crap from others; but don’t be too harsh on them – they may be unaware of their own fuzziness and lack of clarity/honesty today.

Tomorrow’s Venus sextile to Jupiter and Mercury trine to Mars may be a bit of a chaser, helping to slowly bring things back into “real” focus.

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