Astrological Almanac for Sunday, January 22, 2023

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(All times Eastern)

Venus conjoins Saturn exactly today. We are likely to reassess our relationships, at least a little now, and tend toward the conservative side of things. We may be ready to take on new responsibilities or break through barriers that have blocked us until now; or we may decide that moving on is a better option. After midnight on Monday morning, the Moon conjoins these two, adding some emphais. See the Weekly Post for more.

Uranus also turns direct this evening, making all of the planets direct in motion. While Uranus doesn’t rule a sign, and therefore doesn’t affect things in the same way that the traditional planets do, we are likely to see forward motion in areas of innovation, rebellion, and independence. Since he’s in Taurus, it’s also likely to affect issues having to do with land, food (and food supply), and comforts.

The Moon squares Uranus around midday, emphasizing challenges to the old ways and calling for adjustments.

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Weekly Context Post:

22 Jan 2023 12:49 Mon Sqr Ura 14°Aq56′ 14°Ta56′

22 Jan 2023 17:12 Ven Cnj Sat 24°Aq47′ 24°Aq47′

22 Jan 2023 17:58 Ura D 14°Ta56′

23 Jan 2023 04:24 Mon Cnj Sat 24°Aq50′ 24°Aq50′

23 Jan 2023 05:19 Mon Cnj Ven 25°Aq25′ 25°Aq25′

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